Joachim Back


  • Joachim Back started working in the film industry as a teenager, starting as a courier and working his way up many technical occupations. He is now one of Europe’s leading experts and one of the top 10 most awarded advertisement directors. Joachim’s work in advertisement are marked by a silver-screen aesthetic approach with every video taking on the features of a minifilm. They are set apart by their massive scale and careful casting. Joachim easily finds common grounds with actors and likes to propel the story with pinpointed dialogue. Joachim likes to work on historical videos - to recreate different epochs, thinking through the costumes, sets and details. His work is always infused with vibrant, clear and memorable images, shown with a special tint of Scandinavian humor.

  • Joachim Back is known for his professionalism and conscientious approach. He always knows what his clients want and how to get it done. Joachim Back has three Cannes Lions awards. His works have been distinguished by the ANDY awards, the ADDY awards, CLIO and many others. Joachim’s trophy stand even features an Oscar which he got for his debut short film The New Tenants.